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Zotter Chocolate


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I had the pleasure of working with one of the best chocolate manufacturers in Austria. The zotter chocolate manufacturer is one of a kind company with pretty high standards for all of its products and, of course, for everything else. The company relies on quality, variety, creativity, sustainability, and 100% organic and Fair-Trade products.

It was terrific to work with zotter's engineers on this Windows 10 application for the whole company.


Working in an agile environment side-by-side with the engineering team and plan a timeline that reduced pixel-pushing, user-testing, and unexpected roadblocks, was the best way to finalize this project under a strict time constraint.


  • Create quick sketches of the flow.
  • Emphasize with end-users by doing interviews.
  • Gather feedback and important data about their process and their needs.
  • Design Wireframes and low-fidelity Mockups.
  • Sync with the developer team for tech constraints.
  • Deliver high-fidelity, pixel-perfect Mockups to the engineering team.
  • User-testing & additional feedback on a clickable high-fidelity prototype.
  • Create appropriate App Icons in Adobe Illustrator
  • Delivered all important assets to the developer team a week before planned.
  • Final improvements during coding alongside the dev team

Final Reflection

Adopting my usual design sprints in this agile environment helped me keep up with this brief timeline, prioritizing what is most necessary and delivering fast and efficient interactions and design decisions. Also, as a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) Application, applying the Windows Fluent Design System for creating an adaptive, empathetic, beautiful, and user-friendly interface that is touch-optimized was a great challenge to have.

This UWP Software gets used by the whole company, improves their workflow, and solves their logistic dilemma. Additionally, it supports several languages, such as German, English, Spanish, Mandarin, etc.